Manual & mobile application

Within the project, two intellectual results were created: manual and mobile application.


The manual starts with SWOT analysis, which is a kind of introduction to the social entrepreneurship in each country. At the beginning of the manual, the specifics of the labor market, legislation, etc. are summarized. for each partner country. In this guide, all information is gathered in one place, which will make it easier for you to work in social entrepreneurship: business forms, financial construction, first admissions to marketing, what is marketing, how to get partners, how do you know if it is your product is functional or service is interesting for how to do market analysis; strategy, marketing, sales, management. In each country, young people compiled a manual with regard to the conditions and conditions of the parent system, as the legal basis for the establishment of a company varies from country to country.

Manual is available in English and Slovenian language.

MOJA IDEJA, MOJA PRIHODNOST: prvo koraki v socialno podjetništvo

MY IDEA, MY FUTURE: first steps to social entrepreneurship



Mobile application My idea, my future is available in Google Play and App store (English version).

Mobile application allows users a free insight into the basic information about social entreperenurship.

Its available for free!